Wednesday, 15 October 2008

UPDATE: Ken And Frank Shamrock Date Announced

As MMATrivia previously reported, Ken and Frank Shamrock have signed a contract to fight each other, although no date or promoter had been announced (see original story here:

The brothers are looking at fighting in March or April of next year, according to Frank Shamrock. They are considering Elite XC and Affliction as promoters, under some kind of cross promotion, and want the show to be aired on Pay per View or Primetime.

Here is what Frank had to say on the matter, including some rather derogatory comments about his brother:

"We are definitely going to see it happen; it’s a done deal. I’ve just got to get his old ass into the cage now. Now he’s so old he can’t even get in the cage.

“We finally got it done and we’re looking forward to March or April for kicking it off, try to get him a wheel chair so he can get himself into that cage next time.”

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